The Louisiana Division of the Arts Decentralized Arts Funding Grant, initiated in 1994 and administered in cooperation with local arts agencies throughout the state, makes
the arts available in all areas of the state by giving people in each parish the opportunity to develop arts programs that meet their local needs. The grant program allocates funds on a per-capita basis to all 64 parishes in the state.  These funds will be granted to applicant organizations in the parish which received the allocation.  Applicants compete only against other organizations and individuals within their parish.

The Arts Council serves as a re-granting agency for funds provided by the Louisiana Division of the Arts.  The Arts Council funds projects and arts organizations in the following parishes through the Decentralized Arts Funding (DAF) program: Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jefferson Davis.


FY 2015-2016 (Past Grant Cycle):
Final Report Instructions-Organizational Support: Final Report Instructions, 2015-2016 Organizational Support
Final Report-Organizational Support: DAF Final Report Organizational Support 2014-2015
Final Report Instructions-Project Assistance: Final Report Instructions, 2015-2016 Project Assistance

Final Report-Project Assistance: DAF Final Report, Project Assistance 2015-2016

FY 2015-2016 Grant Timeline (Current Grant Cycle):
May 1, 2015:
Applications live online.

June 30, 2015: Applications due in Arts Council office by 5pm (not postmarked).
July 22, 2015: Grant panel for Calcasieu applications at 9am at Central School.
July 23, 2015: Grant panel for neighboring parishes applications at 9am at Central School.
October 1, 2015: Grant Agreement documents due.

October 1, 2015: Grant activity period begins.
September 30, 2016: Grant activity period ends.
October 31, 2016: Hard deadline for final reports.

FY2016-2017 Grant Timeline (Current Grant Cycle)
May 1, 2016: Application and Guidelines become available online
July 8, 2016: Applications due in Arts Council office by 5pm (not postmarked).
August 24, 2016: Calcasieu Parish Grant Panel Review Session at Central School, 9am
August 25, 2016: Ancillary Parish Grant Panel Review Session at Central School, 9am
October 1, 2016: Grant Activity Period Begins
September 30, 2017: Grant Activity Period Ends

FISCAL YEAR 2016-2017 (Current Grant Cycle)
Grant Guidelines: Guidelines, FY2016-2017
Project Assistance Application: Project Assistance Application FY2016-2017-A
Extra Provider of Services Forms: PA – Extra Provider of Services Forms FY2016-2017
Organizational Support Application: Organizational Support Application FY2016-2017
Grant Agreement w/Request for First Payment: Grant Agreement w/Request for First Payment 2016-2017 
Grant Attachments A, B, C: Attachments A, B, C 2016-2017
Grantee Compliance Checklist: Grantee Compliance ChecklistGrant Agreement w/Request for First Payment 2016-2017
Final Report Instructions, Organizational Support: Final Report Instructions, Organizational Support
Final Report, Organizational Support: Final Report, Organizational Support
Final Report Instructions, Project Assistance: Final Report Instructions, Project Assistance
Final Report, Project Assistance: Final Report, Project Assistance  

Beauregard Parish – Beauregard Parish Library, Friday, June 10, 10AM

Cameron Parish – Cameron Parish School Board, Monday, June 13, 1PM
Allen Parish – Allen Parish Library, Tuesday, June 14, 10AM
Jefferson Davis Parish – Jefferson Davis Paris Libraries, Wednesday, June 15, 2PM
Calcasieu Parish – Central School, Thursday, June 16, 10AM

FORMS: If you need a document in an older format of Word, call 439-2787.

2016-2017 Acknowledgement Statement: DAF Acknowledgement Statement
2015-2016 Acknowledgement Statement: DAF Acknowledgement Statement

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